Whole Body Vibration Training

Definition of vibration

Is whole body vibration training an efficient and effective workout device? This is one of the most commonly asked questions in regards to WBV machine. In a layman’s term, the whole body vibration machine is training equipment featuring a workout platform on which a person stands on while exercising as vibrations released by the machine’s motor are transmitted throughout the body. When it was first released into the market, vibration machines were mainly used in the fitness industry. But having seen its benefits, other industries such as professional sports and physical therapy adopted the use of the machine.

How Fitness Vibration Works

While it is true that the whole vibration machine offers gym workout machines that can provide you with numerous fitness and wellness benefits, there are no studies that can support that the machine can be used when carrying out normal exercises. While working out on a full body vibration machine, you can choose to lie down, sit or stand on the vibrating platform.

As vibrating motions are released by the machine, they are conveyed as energy to the whole body. This in turn forces the muscles within the body to contract and relax for a couple of times with every vibration. During the whole body vibration training, you will feel as if you are exerting pressure on the body. If you are thinking of getting into body vibration training, look for gyms that have vibration exercise equipment.  Then again, it is possible to get an affordable WBV training machine which you can use at home by shopping on the internet.

According to persons who use vibration machines to lose weight and keep fit, you can use the machine to lose weight, enhance your flexibility, burn calories, increase blood circulation, enhance body strength and minimize stress hormone cortisol in less than 20 minutes of working out on the vibration equipment. Consequently, it is possible to achieve your weight loss and fitness machine by simply making use of a WBV training machine rather than going to a gym.

But as was pointed out earlier, there is lack of detailed research that can support the benefits of whole body vibration training machine as is claimed by some of the people who use the workout equipment. There is no knowing whether the vibration training machine can provide you with the same health benefits as is the case with working out the traditional way (e.g. jogging, swimming, hiking and biking). On the other hand, there are a number of studies which suggest that full body vibration training can aid in improving muscle strength in addition to weight loss.

Besides being used for fitness and sports, WBV training can also be used for other purposes. There are studies which suggest that when WBV training is done properly and under the supervision of a certified doctor, it can:

  • Help in minimizing back aches.
  • Enhancing balance in senior citizens.
  • Reducing bone loss.

While WBV training can help you in cutting weight, you also need to observe what you eat and engage in normal workout routines such as walking and jogging.

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