Weight loss with body vibration machine and its benefits

Simply your health exercises by using fast, effective fitness training machines. This could be used anytime at home itself. It is very convenient and enjoyable technique so no more need of putting off the health plans. This body vibration machine brings your goals of fitness within your reach.

About the product

This Vibraslim vibration gym workout equipment has years of experience in the field of health care. The company knows about your health and fitness goals and how to achieve it easily. You can use this fitness vibration machine if you want to get your body in proper tone, lose-weight, or want better health. The high quality body vibration machine and training videos are used worldwide by a number of people. Even some famous personalities in the field of sports uses this product.

How this helps to lose weight?

The body vibration machine is used for acceleration application so as to increase the gravitational force on the human body which as a result ends in training effects. It is different from other exercise techniques used in gyms that involves heavier weight lifting to increase strengths. It does not involve mass and other heavier equipment rather It is based on newton’s second law of motion. According to this as the acceleration of the body increases then the force applied on it also increases. This increase in force hence results in training effects without creating additional external load.

How to use it?

Initially the vibration exercise our workout gym equipment is used as a part of strength, stability, warm-up and power phases of workouts. Frequency of operation of the fitness vibration machine should be increased in steps from the lowest frequency first which is the most stable position, to the highest frequency called the most dynamic position. This could also be used with other traditional models or can be used alone.

Response of people

Independent research studies show that this body vibration machine is a very effective technique for weight loss and body fitness. It helps in increasing stability, strength, mobility, bone density and nervous system activation. It is best for those people who do not use the traditional methods of exercises which involve heavy weights. The movement in the affected area can also be minimized without decreasing nervous system activation.

Precautions to be taken

The vibration exercise equipment must used by individuals those who have medical clearance for cardiovascular training. These exercises must be performed under the supervision of a professional trainer. One must stay well hydrated while using the  fitness vibration machine. One must not place his/her head or spine on the machine. Before starting using this technique, consulting a doctor is preferable. Doctor recommendation is required especially when the user is pregnant or uses pacemaker.


Following are some benefits of body vibration machine.

  • Increases strength : It provides the same strength as provided by weight lifting or other training processes.
  • Bone Density : It is used to increase bone strength especially in women. It is better than resistance training which only increases strength.
  • Improved mobility : This training improves the mobility better than the weight lifting process which causes fatigue.