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A whole body vibration machine is the best way to get your body in shape and enjoy life’s maximum health benefits. Used worldwide by weight-loss and fitness experts to get actors, athletes and people like you and I toned and in shape fast. In fact, a recent study presented at the European congress on Obesity showed that vibration exercise was, by far, the most effective way to not only lose weight but to keep it off over the long term. Watch this presentation on the reports findings – Click Here.

One of the most well known vibration machines in the market for vibration exercise is the VibraSlim Europlate. VibraSlim’s whole body vibration machine uses Tri-angular oscillation, which has been proven to be the safest and most effective type of vibration for fitness. Over the past decade VibraSlim built their reputation on high quality equipment at an affordable price, with their machines costing thousands less than the competition.

Buy the USA’s best wholebody vibration machine

There are many cheap machine out there (all of which are made in China) for under $1000, but they are simply low end machines that commonly break within weeks of purchase. The big problem with this is that replacement parts are impossible to get, making the equipment a total financial loss for the owner. The Chinese motto is make them cheap and fast, and don’t worry about repairs. For example if you buy a toaster at Wal-Mart (which is definitely made in China) and you have a problem with it and return it. They will not repair it because they were not ever made to be repaired! It costs them too much money to fix it anyway. Many online websites are selling low end Chinese vibration exercise machines at very high prices – $1000 to $3000, when in reality these machines are garbage and not worth even a few hundred. So don’t be fooled by nice websites, buy your machine from a reputable company that really knows the business!

VibraSlim’s vibration fitness machines have been designed and engineered for long term use, ease of operation and for maximum health benefits. VibraSlim is endorsed by world famous doctors, trainers and Hollywood stars because of the high quality of their equipment. Further VibraSlim provides fantastic support materials such as vibration fitness Videos and position manuals to educate you quick and easy. The Europlate is the only vibration machine that also has upper body exercise bands that really expand the workouts you can do on the machine.

So do yourself a favor and get a whole body vibration fitness machine and live a happier, healthier and more enjoyable life. Vibration fitness has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, why not yours?

Why VibraSlim has the best vibrating exercise machines for home use

Who Would Ever Think of Vibrating Machines for Exercise?

The world of today is fast and those of us who live and work in it can not afford to stop. More often than not, our bodies pay the toll for this workaholic lifestyle, and there never seems to be a way to make exercise efficient enough to include it in a daily routine.

Many home gym solutions only work one aspect of overall health, such as muscle strength, or tone, or cardiovascular health. However, as any health professional will tell you, each aspect of health depends on another. There has been no way to effectively get a full body, fully healthy workout at home with the efficiency required for the mobile lifestyle of today.

There had been no way – until now, with VibraSlim, the vibration exercise machine.

The problem with previous home gym solutions is that they would try to take an aspect of an exercise regimen and simply speed it up to fit in a schedule. But the machines don’t work as intended, the time required is simply not available, and so results are limited. However, with the VibraSlim vibrating exercise machines, even the most busy among us can use a patented vibration plate technology to execute vibration exercise guaranteed to show better results than a hastily sped up gym regimen.

Vibrating Exercise Machines

The Vibraslim vibrating exercise machines utilize a vibration plate which sends short energy pulses from the feet to the entire body. The results of this vibration plate initiating such a vibration exercise is that the muscle fibers of the body are stimulated to safely contract anywhere from five to 30 times per second. The exercise vibration has been shown to increase flexibility and range of motion, metabolism, the elevation of the level of human growth hormone in the body, bone mineral density, lymphatic flow, and reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

Vibration Exercise – The New Technology

You will not find vibrating exercise machines inside your local gym. You will find a vibrating exercise machine in the gyms of elite athletes and celebrities, like Lance Armstrong and Madonna. Vibration exercise and the Vibraslim vibration exercise machine has been thoroughly tested both scientifically and in practice and the results of using vibrating machines for exercise is clear: vibrating machines for exercise can introduce a new level of efficiency into your workout. The exercise vibration is also shown to reduce fat in a ten minute daily workout.

The patented vibration plate does not induce motion through a piston, or trampoline effect. This type of vibration exercise machine has been shown to be detrimental to flexibility and overall health. The VibraSlim vibration exercise machine uses a triangular oscillation to maximize results, making it the cutting edge technology in vibrating machines for exercise on the market today.

The exercise vibration can be completed without the high impact movements that other exercises put on the joints, and the exercise vibration can be completed in ten minutes a day. Just think – in ten minutes you could have the body you want and still have time to do absolutely everything that your day requires – all because you did not close your mind to new scientific breakthroughs! Give the VibraSlim vibration exercise machine a try in your home today, and give yourself a new lease on a healthy, full life. Learn more on weight-loss and vibration fitness here.

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